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Babycat.comBabycat.comSince becoming a single father (working from home), I've noticed there are many products that have saved my life and sanity. First, Amazon Prime helps out for the holidays (free 2-day shipping) and is worth its weight in gold come December... since it's hard to leave the house. Secondly - I'm happy to offer my wisdom (trial and error) regarding anything that can help the baby stay smart, healthy, happy, full, healthy, rested, healthy, did I mention healthy? And as far as the cat goes... She's a trooper, and does a great job coexisting with us. Well, anyway - take a look around... these items will help you out big time. Oh yeah - baby on the left, cat on the right. THANKS!!!

Allstar snacks... I have never heard "NO" when offering these...
Can't underestimate how much you'll need the outlet plugs. The tiny fingers will get EVERYWHERE!

I know I said I was a single father and you're probably wondering why I have pregnacy pillows and breast pump items on the list... I SAW THEM in use and they worked excellently... So... for the Pack and Play (awesome - love it) just remember to pull up the center before trying to lock the sides in place, then push the center back down. This will save you an hour of your life trying to figure it out. The opposite is true - when you want to collapse it, pull the center up first and then unlock the sides. BOOM, DONE. And when you're packing it into the bag, the mat collapses like a "Z" not a "U."

I noticed I can't link to an awesome product so here's the text link: Dreambaby Retractable Gate.

On a separate note, I used G-Diapers on the baby for the first year... until the baby started over-peeing her pants on a regular basis... they are cloth inserts that you can re-wash, dry and re-use over and over again and not have to use dispoable diapers at all. There are little tissue liners that you put in between the baby and the cloth. They absorb most solid stuff and help with flushing. I had 6 total at every level and they saved me lots of money.

This cat spray is a great idea, it just needs to be solar-powered.
FYI - I try to keep things biodegradable and eco-friendly. When you bring a new baby (or animal) into your happy home, the existing tenants may not be so happy. If you have 1 litter box, it may be time to start using 2. You can't reason with a cat and you can just hope they can get over it... they might start acting out or getting upset because the new family member is:
A: Getting all the attention
B: Disturbing the peace
C: Molesting the locals

Give them a chance to do the right thing, I got my cat a buddha dome PLUS a litter box and she hasn't peed on the bed since! KOW
I own a very finely long-haired cat (mostly hypoalergenic Siberian) and she has 2-3 layers of hair. If I don't keep her hair brushed and trimmed around the back end (business end) she will get mats or worse, a dangler from the litter box. Trimmers get the mats out easily. The better the trimmer quality, the quicker the experience. WHEW!!!
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